Welcome to 360 Self Defense Academy. In Westchester near Playa Vista & Culver City.

Our self defense classes

Intro Krav Maga

Our intro class is designed for new Krav Maga students. The goal of this entry-level classes is to teach the basics of fighting and self defense principles. Students will learn how to get into a fighting stance and movement, as well as learn various punches and kicks from a standing position, as well as from the ground. Students will learn how to differentiate between close, medium, and long range distances and which strikes are most applicable. Students will also learn to defend against punches, chokes, headlocks, and wrist grabs. 

Intermediate Krav Maga

Students will continue to hone their skills while being introduced to various new punches, kicks, and defenses such as bear hugs. Students will also learn how to effectively fall, roll, defend against hair grabs, arm bar, and defend against chokes on the ground.                                   

Advanced Krav Maga

Students will learn how to perform sweeps and throws, defend against stick attacks, knife threats/ stabs, hand gun, and long gun threats.

Cardio Bag

Looking for a workout?! This class is for those looking for a high tempo workout on a punching bag while lerning basic kickboxing strikes and combinations in conjunction with circut training.

Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

This class puts an emphasis on defenses on the ground. Students will learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submissions and defenses through drilling and rollling (sparring). 

Intro Stand up fight

Students will learn the basics of striking with an emphasis on proper technique and defense such as bobbing and weaving, slipping, catching, checking, and absorbing strikes.

Advanced Stand up fight

Students will learn how to effectively use feints, various tactics to effectively use punches, elbows knees, and kicks. 


It is what it sounds like, students will learn krav Maga weapon defenses for different scenarios. 

Footwork / Cardio

This class is made for students looking to excellerate their learning though footwork drills and cardio exercises. 


It is important to stay limber! This class is designed for martial artists to be able to maintain or attain a level of flexibility to reduce risk of injury.